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Shingle Roofs

Shingle Roofs are a popular choice here in South Florida. Some of the reasons causing their popularity, include a wide range of styles and colors to low upfront costs. Shingles, however, vary significantly. 3-Tab basic Shingles starkly contrast with Architectural Shingles in both Manufacturers Warranty and Wind Resistance.

3-Tab Architectural
Manufacturer’s Warranty 25 Year Warranty 40 Year – Limited Lifetime
Wind Resistance 60MPH +120MPH

Architectural shingles cost approximately 30% more than 3tab.

Leaks & Repairs

When roofs leak, the sooner they are fixed, the lower the cost of the repair bill. Not addressing the issue promptly will eventually lead to deck rotting, and even mold. Our well-versed crew handles all necessary repairs; from minor fascia rot, to severe structural damage. They use fastening patterns that exceed the Florida Building Code and pair them with top quality products to construct a lasting, watertight roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs masterfully combine beauty with longevity and strength. Most manufacturer’s warranties range from 20 to 35 years, but metal roofs typically last 40+ years. In a FEMA advisory report, a roof metal survived wind speeds of 170 mph with only minor damage. Another added benefit of metal roofs is they are environmentally friendly. Most are Energy Star certified and LEED-compliant and often made of 30%-60% recycled content. With endless choices of graceful curves and charming styles, Dakoma Roofing will provide your home with a metal roof to meet your design objective.

Tile Roofs

Concrete or clay tiles contribute to the safety and overall improvement of your home while providing a beautiful finish to a rooftop. Natural ingredients enable roof tiles to reflect heat and allowing your home to stay cooler. Additionally, tile roofs improve the acoustic performance of you home by reducing external sound up to 30 decibels. Moreover, they are quite sturdy. Testing sponsored by the Tile Roofing Institute found roof tiles, when properly installed, were able to sustain winds in excess of 125MPH.

Built-Up Roofs

Built-up roof systems consist of two or more plies of fiberglass-reinforced felts where alternate layers of bitumen are applied, topped with a Mineral Surface Cap Sheet. BUR’s systems get their exceptional resistance to weather and water from their multiple layer redundancy.

Granulated Modified Roofs

Granulated Modified bitumen roofs are similar to BUR’s except for the asphalt, which contains synthetic rubberized polymers added to attain rubber-like properties and surfaced with mineral granules. This creates a system that combines the reliability of hot asphalt BUR’s with the modern benefits of flexible plastics additives and polyester/fiberglass technologies. Typical installations are hot asphalt, torch, and self-adhered.


This reliable and eco-friendly system is on the forefront of Single-ply technology and is one of the fastest growing choices for commercial flat roofs. It is extremely durable with the added benefit of its high reflectivity which helps to reduce cooling costs. The installation of this system in South Florida is typically fully adhered or mechanically fastened. So, if you are planning to replace your commercial flat roof, and are looking for a roofing system that is lightweight, solid and durable, TPO can be a great option.


Premium roof coatings can seal or repair roofs, and some even withstand ponding water. Depending on the objective, Hydrostop and Gaco Roof coatings are some of the most widely used in South Florida. When completed in a timely manner, roof coatings can prevent a costly roof replacement. Coatings are highly reflective and can save property owners up to 30% in energy cooling costs. Also, some of these products come with a warranty to maintain the Energy Star rating for a minimum of 5 years. Give us a call to discuss your options!

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