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Commercial Roofer South Florida


Commercial Roofer
South Florida

The roofing experts here at Dakoma Roofing are exactly what you need when you’re looking for a Commercial Roofer in South Florida. Our team of roofing professionals has over two decades of roofing experience serving South Florida and surrounding areas.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide durable and eco-friendly roofs that stand the test of the time! With that in mind, we ensure that our products are of the best quality. Because we know that the harsh South Florida weather can be detrimental to metal roofing and it’s components, all exposed metal components in our premium roofs are galvalume or stainless steel!

This reduces the chances of your roofing components rusting or becoming faulty due to rust, which is especially important here in South Florida.

In addition to that, as your South Florida Commerical Roofers, we work hard to make sure you’re reducing your energy consumption by using Green Products.


Our roofing experts have experience in the following areas:

  • Tile Roof Replacement + Repair
  • Metal Roof Replacement + Repair
  • Shingle Roof Replacement + Repair
  • & ModifieD / TPO Roof Repair!


We also provide waterproofing services, leak repair, wood replacements and more.

Need Commercial Roofing Services?

If you would like to learn more about Dakoma Roofing Company, and how we can help you with your roofing needs, click here to email us or give us a call at 954-826-4511

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