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6 Signs It’s Time for New Shingle Roofs in South Florida

Nobody wants to know that it’s time to replace their shingle roofs in South Florida, as it’s an expensive endeavor. However, it’s important to do. A person’s roof is the single most essential piece of protection for a home. It protects the interior and the valuables of your home. It also protects those you love most from invaders and changing weather patterns. If a roof is even minorly suffering from devastation and deterioration, you might end up with a leak in your living room! Most homeowners don’t know how to detect when it’s time for a new shingle roof, but in this article, we’ll tell you all of the signs to be on the lookout for. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Aging Shingle Roofs in South Florida
Aging shingle roofs are one of the top reasons people need a roof replacement. After 20-25 years, an asphalt roof becomes worn and torn, especially after South Florida’s changing weather. One week it will be sunny, and the next residents will suffer from torrential downpours. If your roof hasn’t been taken care of, there can be leaks and the roof could cave in. Don’t risk your roof falling apart, instead, contact the professionals.

2. Curling Shingles
As you can imagine, shingles are meant to be flat. When you can see that some of your shingles are starting to curl, that’s never a good sign. Not only does that mean that they’re going to need replacing, but it also means that those shingles are leaving the interior of your roof exposed. Sometimes, too much sun exposure can be the cause of this. A licensed contractor should come out to assess the damage, giving you an accurate assessment of what you need to do.

3. Take Care of the Valleys
On some roofs, there are valleys. These valleys are an incredibly important aspect of the roof, as they help water run off of your roof and into the gutters. Therefore, they naturally attract rainwater. Without the shingles, this accumulation of water can damage the interior of the roof. Many people find that their roof leaks come from this location.

4. Missing Shingles
Obviously, missing shingles are an issue. This is not only a sign that your roof needs a roofing professional, but it’s also a sign that you might need a repair. The good news about missing shingles is that they can be replaced. It doesn’t always require a full replacement.

5. Shingle Granules
Another thing to be on the lookout for is shingle granules in the gutters. Over the years, shingles will lose their granules. This is a sign that it’s about time to replace the roof. If you notice inconsistent color, chances are this is what is happening. While this is not a repair project, it is a replacement project.

6. Roofing Textures
The roof should be strong and secure. If you’ve ever stood on your roof, you shouldn’t feel that you’re about to fall through. However, when a roof is truly at the end of its life cycle, it must be fixed. If a roof gets too rotten, it may cave in, which can be dangerous for everyone inside, as well as for valuables.

If you have shingle roofs in South Florida, and you’re uncertain of whether or not it’s time for a replacement or repair, contact the professionals at Dakoma Roofing today. We offer inspections, commercial and residential repairs, and replacements, as well as routine maintenance. At Dakoma Roofing, we provide exceptional roofing services, at a fraction of the cost. We want to ensure that we’re giving high-quality craftsmanship and durable materials to all of our clients. Call us at 954-826-4511 today!

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