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How to Keep Tile Roofs in South Florida Clean

In South Florida, tile roofs are incredibly common. They are beautiful pieces of traditional architecture that add value to any home, especially Mediterranean homes. If you have tile roofs in South Florida, then you know just how fortunate you are! However, in all good things, there are negatives to balance. The negatives to tile roofs include their sensitivity to breaking, their ability to home moss and mildew, as well as their slippery surfaces when wet. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your tile roofs clean and secure this spring. Keep reading to learn more!

Step One: Avoid Pressure Washing Your Tile Roofs in South Florida 

If you’re looking to clean your tile roofs, the last thing you’ll want to do is pressure wash them. In fact, this is the last way to clean your roof, because the water pressure can be too forceful. Whenever a tile roof is cleaned with a pressure washer, a thin layer of the tile’s surface is removed, leaving the tiles to be more porous. When this happens, dirt, debris, and water can all become trapped, which then leads to faster wear and tear. As you probably know, replacing a roof isn’t cheap. It’s better to be careful.

Step Two: Avoid Algae

Algae is one of the top frustrations when it comes to a tile roof. Fortunately, some chemicals can help remove algae and even stop it from growing. However, you’ll want to consult with a professional roofer if this is the route you decide to go. Algae is a problem for many reasons, including the organisms that can set up residence within. Additionally, it brings pests, moss, and sometimes mold. Some of the top way’s roofers can help you fix this issue is by using degreasing agents, soft washes, sealants, and a natural biocide cleaning.

Step Three: Hire a Professional Roofer

Last, but not least, whenever you’re working to keep your tile roofing clean, you’ll want to call the experts at Dakoma Roofing. At Dakoma Roofing, we’re here to help you with your tile roofing, whether you need a repair, a replacement, an inspection, or a maintenance check. We have twenty years of experience, which makes us professionals in our field. If you want your roof to withstand the test of time, you’re going to need the right tools and materials to do so. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that we’re bringing you the best elements, every time. Our experienced staff members are there to help you schedule your maintenance checks, send technicians, and help you maintain your home for years to come. We also offer top of the line products, and we provide written warranties.

Some of the top services we offer are roofing replacements, roofing repairs, roofing installations, and more. At Dakoma Roofing, our mission statement is to provide durable and eco-friendly roofs that stand the test of time. Who will you call when your roof needs a boost? Contact the professionals today at 954-826-4511.

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